Arcwave Ion Cum


Arcwave Ion is a revolutionary Pleasure Air Stroker designed for males. It was created by Arcwave, it’s an male stroker that uses Pleasure Air technology to deliver massive orgasms.

Arcwave is a newcomer to the world of sexual products, although Pleasure Air technology is nothing new. The technology is behind the widely popular female sex toy brand, Womanizer. In 2014, they launched the first product for women that makes use of variations in the air pressure instead of vibrating to give intense sensations.

Presently, Arcwave uses this same technology to make the device that does similar things for males. Arcwave Ion is their flagship product.

The Ion is completely waterproof and submersible, with eight intensities. It’s designed to stimulate thousands of nerve endings within the penis through intense pulsating airwaves. This allows for deeper and stronger sensations for incredible orgasms.

If you want to know whether or whether you should buy the Arcwave Ion is the toy you need in your life, then read on. This review will discuss features, specs, how to use the device, how to maintain it, and much many more.


Unboxing and Packaging Arcwave Ion Cum

Arcwave Ion Arcwave Ion comes in sleek and elegant packaging. The box has a modern and minimalist design, so it doesn’t look like a sex toy and more like an expensive gadget. Inside, you’ll find the following features: Arcwave Ion, Arcwave Ion, a charging base cover and a USB cable, instructions manual as well as tiny amounts of Pjur’s water-based Lube. It’s a complete package, and the device is recharged, so you can start using it right away.

The Ion is made from soft flexible silicone which can be turned into two pieces to facilitate cleaning. It is possible to operate the device using buttons located near at the very top. Inside the canal are ridges that provide various sensations while stroking.

The Ion is charged when it is placed inside the base of charging. It takes approximately 85 minutes to charge.

The charging base stores and dries your device when you put DryTech sachets inside. The charging base has modern and stylish design, efficiently serving as a great piece to hang around the home.

Arcwave Ion Cum

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How it works

The Arcwave Ion specifically targets the tip of your penis particularly the frenulum which is the most sensitive part on the underside of your penis, near your head.

The research has revealed that the frenulum is a reservoir of Pacinian receptors which are similar to the pleasure receptors found inside the clitoris. By targeting these receptors, you can experience very intense orgasms.

The Ion sends out pulsating airwaves to stimulate this spot that is sensitive using Pleasure Air Technology. The Ion is equipped with a tiny jet or vent that releases airwaves that hit the frenulum. When it hits the perfect spot, you’re guaranteed novel sensations that lead to a thrilling final.


We’ll look at some of the innovative features of Arcwave Ion in more detail.

  • Pleasure Air Technology

As stated, Pleasure Air is the stimulation that targets pleasure receptors on the tips of your penis. This is what makes it different from other strokers in the market. Pleasure Air provides a sucking sensation via pulsating airwaves. It makes use of variations in pressure of air to stimulate nerve endings that are sensitive. The head of the stimulator is inside a small hole in the shaft of silicone. You can use the stroking motion to regulate the direction of stimulation. You can easily adjusted according to your preference.

  • Smart Silence

The Ion will not be powered during the time it is turned off. Smart Silence feature is turned on until it detects skin contact between the sensor and the skin. Once it senses you in it, it’ll begin pulsating and stimulating until it reaches an optimum. It automatically stops after you have broken contact and goes into standby mode.

You can turn this feature off anytime. When you do that this, the Ion produces a significant amount of noise when it’s turned on. The lowest setting sounds like a slight rumble. However, the rumble increases in volume when the intensity increases and almost sounds like growling. So if you want to keep your surroundings quiet or as quiet as you can, it’s best to turn on this feature. If you don’t have a desire to remain in the dark, you might consider disabling the feature to experience the most intense and intense sensations.

  • CleanTech Silicone

The Arcwave Ion is made from CleanTech silicone, a type of silicone that has a high-density and completely safe for the body. It’s hypoallergenic and UV-resistant. It’s also more convenient to clean. It will also keep the Ion free of any pathogens or bacteria. The high-density silicone also means that it is highly robust, meaning that your Ion is bound to remain for quite a lengthy time provided you take care of it.

  • Easy to Clean

The Ion features a Twist To Clean feature, making it super effortless to scrub. Simply twist the sleeve and motor portion in different directions at the same time to pull them apart. Rinse each part with warm water and a toy cleaner or normal soap.

  • Charging Base

The sleek and stylish charging base is certainly one of the most attractive attributes that comes with the Ion. It has a drying and storage purpose. The Ion sits on the silica stick, which will get rid of moisture. It will charge immediately. Place the cover on and it will be stored until the next time you play. A 2-hour charge will give you around 70 minutes of playing time.


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How to use for the first time?

To begin, turn to the Arcwave Ion by pressing the + button for 2 seconds. You’ll feel it rumble and see the logo glow. The Ion begins in the Smart Silence mode, so it will only turn on when it senses skin contact to the sensor. When it senses skin contact it initiates stimulation, and automatically stops when it doesn’t. This is an excellent option to keep the noise to a minimum. You can switch off this feature at any point.

Apply water-based lube, then put your penis in the silicone tube until the frenulum is just above the motion-sensor hole. The Ion will emit pulsating, an airwave that is pulsating from the sensor hole in order to provide an intense sensation to the tips of your penis. There’s a plus and minus button so you can change the intensity of the airwaves.

It may take a bit of work to figure out the best place at first. Arcwave recommends trying the Ion several times before you determine your ideal rhythm, as it might take some getting familiar with. Just experiment first to discover what the Ion can best satisfaction for you.

How It Feels

After you have started the Ion it will give you a sucking sensation caused by the airwaves that are pulsing. You can increase the intensity using the + button. For the most intense and intense orgasm put the frenulum on your Pleasure Air sensor. To get another kind of stimulation, simply stroke with the Ion on your penis until the Ion hits the perfect place. The stroking motion , when combined with the pulsing airwaves that hit the frenulum will give you an unforgettable experience. The airwaves themselves provide enough stimulation , and may even extend your pleasure.

The interior of the silicone sleeves is made of squishy ridges which provide texture as well as friction. It might take some time to master however once you’ve gotten used to the sensations, you’ll have a fantastic experience.

Overall, the Ion provides a pleasant experience that’s both thrilling and original. If you’re in search of a unique and innovative gadget that keeps things fresh The Ion is the right choice for you.


The Ion is light on hands, so that your hands won’t become tired while using it. Its overall length of the Ion is 5.9 inches, with the width of 2.04 inches.

The length that can be inserted is 3.42 inches. The internal diameter is around 1.29 inches, and can extend 1.73 inches. 1.73 inches. Arcwave Ion Cum

It comes with a long battery life that lasts between 60 and 70 minutes on one charge. Of course, it all is dependent on the method you utilize it. It takes around one hour and a quarter to charge fully once placed on the charging base.


Arcwave also sells accessories can be used with the Ion, available on the website. For easy cleaning you can purchase an Arcwave toy cleaner made by Pjur. It is also possible to purchase DryTech sticks that are put in the base of the charging unit to remove water from the Ion and allow it to dry. There’s an additional charging cable, as well as a backup charging base and silicone sleeves in case you need to replace the one you have.


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Clean up and Maintenance

Make sure to clean Your Ion thoroughly after every use to ensure it lasts for a long period of time. It’s surprisingly easy to clean and easy to maintain.

The stroker’s two ends should be turned in opposite directions, breaking it into two pieces: the silicone side and the main motor part. It is possible to wash these two parts with soap and water. Since it is Ion is IPX7 and waterproof, one are able to submerge it underwater. Dry it off with a towel, then keep it or charge it inside the charging device. Install an Dry-Tech sachet inside to remove all the moisture off the Ion.

Price and Where to Buy

You can purchase this Arcwave Ion from their official website. With a price of 189 EUR or 199 USD, it’s among some of the more expensive toys available on the market at the moment.

It’s possible to be apprehensive about the cost however, you’ll benefit from the investment. The Ion is an innovative device that delivers what it says it will. It’s constructed of premium medical-grade, non-porous silicone that is simple to maintain and bound to last for years. It also comes with a 2 year guarantee, which means that you’re covered should anything happen to it. Arcwave Ion Cum

The Ion also uses innovative technology that is worth the cost. The Pleasure Air technology delivers intense sensations and a powerful high-end. It also comes with a sleek and stylish charging system to complete the entire package.


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Final Verdict

It is the Arcwave Ion is definitely one of the most revolutionary male sex toys on the market. It’s incredibly smooth, gives amazing sensations thanks to its unique technology, and delivers spectacular orgasms. Despite the price, it’s totally worth it, considering what you’re getting for it. If you’re searching for the most effective sex toys for your sexy solo time, the Ion is for you.

FAQS Arcwave Ion Cum

  • What type of lubricant could be used with my Arcwave products?

Arcwave recommends Arcwave Lube produced by Pjur or another top-quality water-based oil. A sample of Pjur Lube is included when you buy the Ion. If you are looking for a water-based lubricant be sure to check for these features:

  1. Medical-grade CE-marked products
  2. Use only water-based lubricants from reputable producers
  3. Dermatologically tested, and approved
  4. A product without preservatives, comedogenic oils, and perfume ingredients.
  • Do I have to make use of Ion in the shower?

Yes, since Ion has been certified as IPX7 waterproof. However, the charging device or storage base is not waterproof, so never submerge it or put it in water.

  • How can I ensure that Ion will work for me?

The CleanTech silicone that makes up the Ion is extremely elastic and durable, meaning that it can adapt to fit any size. Ion is also able to accommodate any length that is on both sides because of its open-ended design.


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