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Arcwave Ion is a revolutionary Pleasure Air Stroker specifically designed for men. The product was developed by Arcwave this is an male stroker that uses Pleasure Air technology to deliver strong orgasms.

Arcwave is a brand newcomer to the world of sex products however Pleasure Air technology is nothing new. The technology is behind the widely popular female sex toy brand, Womanizer. In 2014, they introduced the first product designed specifically for women that relies on variations in the air pressure instead of vibration to provide extreme sensations.

Presently, Arcwave uses this same air technology to create an instrument that can do exactly the same thing for males. Arcwave Ion is their flagship product.

The Ion is completely waterproof and submersible, with eight intensities. It’s designed to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the penis with intense, oscillating air waves. This allows for more intense and stronger sensations for amazing orgasms.

If you want to know whether or whether this Arcwave Ion is the toy you need to play with, then go through this review. This review will go over the features, specifications and how to use them the device, how to maintain it, and much more.


Unboxing and Packaging Arcwave Bluetooth Speaker

Arcwave Ion Arcwave Ion comes in sleek and stylish packaging. The box features a contemporary and minimalist style, meaning that it appears less like a toy for sex and more like a posh gadget. Inside the box there are features: The Arcwave Ion, a charging base cover, a USB cable, an instruction manual, as well as a small sample of water-based Pjur Lube. It’s an all-inclusive package and the item is fully charged, which means you can use it straight away.

The Ion is made from soft flexible silicone that can be bent into two pieces for ease of cleaning. You can operate the device via buttons placed near the top of the device. In the canal, there are ridges that offer different sensations while stroking.

Ion is charged by placing it inside the charging base. Ion is charged by placing it in the charging base. Charging takes around 85 minutes.

The charging base is able to store and dry your device when you put DryTech Sachets in the. The charging base is designed with modern and stylish design, efficiently serving as an excellent piece to hang around the house.

Arcwave Bluetooth Speaker

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How it works

The Arcwave Ion specifically targets the tip of your penis, the frenulum in particular that is the area that is sensitive that lies beneath your penis close to the head.

The research has revealed that the frenulum is a reservoir of Pacinian receptors which are similar to the pleasure receptors present in the clitoris. By targeting these receptors, you can experience very intense orgasms.

The Ion sends pulsating airwaves to stimulate the sensitive spot with Pleasure Air Technology. The Ion has a small vent or jet that sends airwaves that hit the frenulum. When it hits the correct spot, you’re guaranteed novel sensations that lead to a thrilling climax.


We’ll explore some of the new features of Arcwave Ion in more detail.

  • Pleasure Air Technology

As stated, Pleasure Air is the stimulation that targets pleasure receptors on the tips of your penis. This is what makes it different from other strokers in the market. Pleasure Air provides a sucking sensation through pulsed air waves. It makes use of changes in air pressure to target sensitive nerve endings. The head of the stimulator is inside a small hole in the silicone shaft. You can use an alternating motion to control where the stimulation goes. You can adjusted according to your preference.

  • Smart Silence

The Ion will not be powered once you turn on the Smart Silence feature is turned on unless it senses skin contact over the sensor. Once it senses you inside it, it’ll begin engaging and pulsating until it reaches the climax. It stops automatically when you break contact and enters standby mode.

You can switch this feature off at any time. After that it, the Ion produces a significant amount of noise when it’s powered on. In the lowest setting, you can hear an eerie noise. However, the rumble increases in volume as the intensity increases and almost sounds like growing. So if you want to keep your surroundings quiet or as quiet as possible it is best to activate this feature. But if you have no need to be discreet, you might consider turning the feature off for the most intense sensations.

  • CleanTech Silicone

The Arcwave Ion is made from CleanTech silicone, a type of silicone with a extremely dense and healthy for your body. It’s UV-resistant and hypoallergenic. It’s also more convenient to clean. It helps keep the Ion completely free of germs or pathogens. The high-density silicone material also signifies that it is extremely robust, meaning that your Ion is bound to remain for quite a lengthy period of time with proper care.

  • Easy to Clean

The Ion comes with the Twist To Clean feature, making it incredibly simple to wash. You simply turn the sleeve and motor in various directions to force them apart. After that, rinse the components with warm water and a toy cleaner or normal soap.

  • Charging Base

The stylish and sleek charging base is definitely one of the top features that comes with the Ion. It serves both a drying and storage feature. It is a storage and drying device. Ion can be placed onto a silicon stick, which will get rid of moisture. It will charge immediately. Put the cover on, and it will be stored until your next session. A 2-hour charge will give you around 70 minutes of playing time.


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How to use for the first time

To begin, switch to your Arcwave Ion by pressing the + button for 2 seconds. It will rumble, and you’ll see the logo’s light. The Ion begins in the Smart Silence mode, so it is only activated when it senses skin contact over the sensor. If it detects contact with skin it begins stimulation. It automatically stops when it does not. This is a fantastic feature to keep noise to a minimum. You can turn off this feature at any time.

Apply water-based lube, then place your penis inside the silicone tube until the frenulum is placed just over the motion sensor hole. The Ion will send an airwave that is pulsating from the sensor hole to bring intense pleasure to the tip of the penis. There’s a plus and plus button that lets you alter how intense the soundwaves are.

It could require some effort to find the right location at first. Arcwave suggests trying the Ion a few times to discover your preferred rhythm as it can take some time getting familiar with. Just experiment first to figure out what the Ion will enjoyment for you.

How It Feels

Upon starting the Ion when you start the Ion, you will feel an intense sensation of sucking due to the pulsing airwaves. You can intensify the sensation by using the + button. For the most intense and intense orgasm, place the frenulum onto your Pleasure Air sensor. To experience another form of stimulation, stroke the Ion over your penis until it reaches the perfect location. The stroking action, coupled with the pulsing airwaves on the frenulum creates an amazing experience. But the airwaves alone provide enough stimulation , and may prolong your gasp.

The inside of the silicone sleeve made of squishy ridges which provide texture as well as friction. It may take some practice however once you’ve gotten used to the sensations, you’ll have a fantastic experience.

Overall I think that the Ion provides a pleasant experience that’s both thrilling and original. If you’re looking for an original and exciting toy that will keep things interesting The Ion is the one for you.


The Ion is light on hands, which means your hands won’t quickly become tired while holding it. Its overall length measures 5.9 inches, and the width of 2.04 inches.

The length that can be inserted is 3.42 inches. The internal diameter is approximately 1.29 inches, and could stretch 1.73 inches. 1.73 inches. Arcwave Bluetooth Speaker

It comes with a long battery life that lasts between 60 and 70 minutes on a single charge. Of course, this is contingent on the way you use it. It can take about one hour and a quarter to charge fully after being placed in the charging base.


Arcwave also offers accessories can be used in conjunction with the Ion, available on their website. For easy cleaning, you can purchase an Arcwave toy cleaner made by Pjur. You can also buy DryTech sticks, which are put inside the charging base to eliminate water off the Ion and help it to dry. There’s also an additional charging cable, as well as a backup charging base and silicone sleeves in case you need to replace your current one.


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Clean up and Maintenance

Cleaning your Ion thoroughly after each use to ensure it lasts for a long period of time. It’s actually quite easy and simple to clean.

The stroker’s two ends should be turned in opposite directions to break it into two pieces, the silicone part and the primary motor part. It is possible to wash these two parts with soap and lukewarm water. Since the Ion has an IPX7 and waterproof, one are able to submerge it underwater. Dry it off using a towel and keep it or charge it inside the charging device. Place an Dry-Tech sachet inside to remove all the water out of the Ion.

Price and Where to Buy

You can buy the Arcwave Ion from their official website. With a price of 189 EUR or 199 USD, it’s among some of the more expensive products on the market at the moment.

You might balk at the cost however, you’ll benefit from the investment. The Ion is an innovative device that is able to deliver what it claims to deliver. It’s made from high-quality non-porous, medical grade silicone that’s simple to maintain and is guaranteed to last for many years. It is also covered by a two-year guarantee, which means that you’re covered in the event of any damage to it. Arcwave Bluetooth Speaker

The Ion is also equipped with cutting-edge technology that makes it worth the cost. The Pleasure Air technology delivers intense sensations as well as a powerful climax. It also includes elegant and fashionable charging device to complete the whole package.


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Final Verdict

It is the Arcwave Ion is definitely one of the most innovative male sex toys on the market. It’s incredibly smooth, gives an experience unlike any other thanks to the exclusive technology, and offers stunning orgasms. Although it’s costly it’s worth every penny in light of what you’ll get for it. If you’re searching for the most effective sex toys that will spice up your solo sessions, then the Ion is for you.

FAQS Arcwave Bluetooth Speaker

  • What kind of lubricant can I use with my Arcwave products?

Arcwave suggests the Arcwave Lube made by Pjur or another premium, water-based fluid. A sample of Pjur Lube is included when you purchase the Ion. If you’re looking for a water-based oil, make sure they have the following:

  1. Medical-grade products CE-marked
  2. Make sure to use water-based lubricants only from known producers
  3. Dermatologically tested and approuvé
  4. A product free of preservatives, comedogenic oils and perfume additives.
  • Can I make use of Ion during the bath?

Yes, because Ion can be described as IPX7 waterproof. But, the charging unit or storage base is not waterproof, so don’t submerge it or put it in water.

  • How can I ensure I’m wearing the right Ion will be a good fit for me?

The CleanTech silicone used to make the Ion is highly robust and flexible, which means it can be adapted to fit any size. Ion is also able to accommodate any length from both sides due to it’s open ended design.


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